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If anyone is interested in reviewing one of our publications then please get in touch so I can include the article/review here on this page. Also, I offer a free publication to anyone who would like to review one of our books so send an email to:

Review of Oscar Mardell's Housing Haunted Housing (2020) by Matthew Turner at 3AM Magazine

Interview about death of workers whilst building skyscrapers at Entropy.

Review by David Holzer, "A hunger for paper: Brenda Frazer’s Some American Tales" on ESBN

Review by Evan Soule on Charity Shop (Nell Whittaker, 2020), "Nell Whittaker - On Writing, Charity Shops and Space"

Review by Heike Mlakar, "Review: Some American Tales by Brenda Frazer" in Beatdom Magazine (No. 21)

Preview of Oscar Mardell's collection GREAT WORKS in 3AM Magazine.

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