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  • by Teddy Duncan Jr.

    Publication date: September, 2019


    This is the first chapbook from Orlando, Florida based writer, Teddy Duncan Jr. An Absolute Study experiments with collage writing, fragmentation and objectivity, bringing into questions "so-called reality".


    "To express the wind's indiscriminate commonality, breeze blowing leaf as it does flag as it does piss stream as it does my hair and your hair (if you have any) as it does homeless person laying on lynx bus stop bench as it does automatic sprinklers watering the lawns of two story homes, a primordial earthly process outside of morality or pre-conceived notions or any product of human consciousness. Everything is brushed by the wind. That is objectivity, placing the same, or no, value upon anything. Abandoning systems of value and significance all together, rendering everything the same eternal value- essence."


     44 pages printed on recycled paper

    13cm x 21cm x 3mm

    Includes 2 colour plates

    Artwork by Steven Garcia

    Photography by Teddy Duncan Jr. and Lucy WIlkinson

    Designed and hand sewn at the press

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