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RE-RELEASE COMING SOON on 10/08/21: (physical book re-release and also e-book with interactive features will be available. Online launch, reading accompanied by composed music (by Evans Kati) and film. Trailer, sneak preview and information about how to book/attend will follow soon. There will only be 50 tickets available as I am terrified about performing to more than that).


BLUES NOT WORTH BAD SKIN / Lucy Wilkinson [RE-RELEASE 10/08/21]

  • by Lucy Wilkinson


    Publication date: June 2018

    isbn: 9780995748002



    I. Old man and the imaginary walking stick

    The interaction between a bedridden old man who has lost his walking stick and a pregnant young woman after her husband disappears.


    II. and I saw a dead end street


    III. Sugar Creek

    A tale told with closed eyes of a young woman who moves to a creek with her baby.

    Photography by lucy j wilkinson

    60 pages printed on recycled paper

    13cm x 21cm x 4mm

    Includes 3 colour plates

    Designed and hand bound by Lucy J Wilkinson

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