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CITY EMBERS / Elliot C. Mason

  • In Elliot C. Mason’s own words: “The collection is called 'City Embers'. Building on my professional and academic experience in race theory and urban studies, it is a poetry / essay collection about urban planning and architecture. It is in part formed of a series of poems about life in council estates, homeless life and the struggle for decent housing in London, drawing on a childhood of constant movement, in many rented houses, and my experience as a housing support worker. Placed among the poems in the collection are urban, geographical and architectural data that describe in clear images the state of housing in the capital.”


    60 pages printed on recycled paper

    14.8 cm x 14.8 cm x 3mm

    colour plates

    section sewn

    front cover and book design by Karolina Fedorowicz

    front cover photography by Tom Jarmusch

    Inside artwork by Elliot C. Mason

    hand bound and sewn at the press

    limited edition handmade run of 50


    10% of book sales will go to HIGHWAY HOUSE in Tottenham, London. "The Highway House Shelter is more than a homeless shelter. We are a shelter based in Tottenham, London that houses up to 45 men at a time. Since we opened our doors in 2009, almost 1000 people have been helped with shelter, food and counselling, along with the opportunity for much needed companionship with others. We help those who have fallen on difficult times in their lives and need a helping hand. This includes those who are some of the most disenfranchised in our communities and without our help, would simply not be able to access other shelters in London. (including those with no recourse to public funds) many have lost contact with their families and friends. We work to help them rebuild their lives and rebuild their confidence."

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