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Publication release date: May 23rd, 2024



Book Specification:

24 pages printed on recycled paper

Paperback handbound limited edition

13cm x 20.5cm x 0.5cm

Print run of 100

Photography by Kate Feld

Book design and production by Lucy Wilkinson



Book launch
6:30-8pm, Thursday May 23
House of Books and Friends, Manchester
Tickets £5 or Ticket + Book £15, limited tickets available.
Book here

Come celebrate the launch of Deeryard, Kate Feld’s new pamphlet of prose poetry and photographs. Kate will be reading poems from the book and will be joined by her friends Mick Conley and Lydia Unsworth, who will read some of their own poems. The readings will be followed by a book signing.

Deeryard, Kate Feld

  • The poems in Deeryard are acts of orientation, making their way toward a new sense of being at home in our lostness. This series of tenderly observed internal states, natural settings and photographed landscapes serve to collapse the distance between the speaker and the world she inhabits.


    “These prose poems are full of music: the sounds of a richly-evoked natural world where 'something always has to be happening', and the sounds of language itself being wrung out for its harmonies. They are both experimental and beautiful, highly-crafted and instinctive.  In Kate Feld's work, a relationship with nature seems to be a relationship with the past and a reckoning with the self.  If the places in these pieces are real, then they are made imaginative by the inherent unreliability of memory and language; if they are imagined, then they are made real by the quality of observation and sensory detail.” – Mick Conley 


    “It is remarkable to be brought back into your life when the living of it requires a sort of packaging up and glossing over. Deeryard reclaims the friction. Image and text lead you through situations, often of sound, in which the slow accumulation of self-knowledge and the compulsions of non-human life become entangled and momentarily perceivable before slipping out of hand to resume their secret ongoing operations.” – Jenna Collins

  • Kate Feld is a writer drawn to the cracks and overlappings between established categories of form and genre. Her writing has appeared in literary journals including The Stinging Fly, The Letters Page, Tolka and Hotel and in The Art of Being Dangerous: Exploring Women and Danger Through Creative Expression (Leuven University Press.) She founded creative nonfiction journal The Real Story in 2014 and teaches journalism at The University of Salford. A native of Vermont, she has lived for many years in Manchester, UK with her daughters. Deeryard is her first pamphlet. More of her writing can be found at

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