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Book Specifications:

41 pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 5 mm


Print run of 100.




Design and Production: Lucy Wilkinson

Printed and handbound at the press

Front cover printed on risograph with thanks to Team Trident Press at Partisan for use of their risograph.



dialogues of A, Rosie Roberts

  • Dialogues of A torques time, observing conversations from infancy to adulthood weaving through adolescent memories and childhood premonitions. From lockdown in Glasgow’s Southside, undertaking pregnancy, birth and birthwork in an exhausted and underfunded NHS, to living in an extremely complex family unit—anxieties about the neo-liberal gentrification and commodification of place, relationships, mind and body came to dominate Rosie Roberts’ psyche and poetics at the time of writing.

    Centering the affective milieu created by failing government systems and a public service sector in crisis, Dialogues of A spawns a family of auto-fictional characters and archetypes who are questioning notions of parenthood, comradery and activism. Through their observations and interactions the power of perception, misjudgement and desire are brought into focus. Each character foregrounds their own agenda and attempts to work through capitalism’s co-options of a privatised vision of ‘work’ in the realms of creative, domestic and care practices.

    Rosie Roberts is an artist, writer and editor from Glasgow generally working collaboratively through ideas of synchronicity, time, locality and affect.

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