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LEPUS / Barry Wilson

  • by Barry Wilson

    First edition publication date: 12th July 2019, run of 50 only.

    Second edition publication date: 15th July 2021, run of 100 only.

    isbn: 9-780995-748026

    Lepus,.. A poetry sequence that asks what it is to exist, via a journey of ongoing self-realisation and self-implosion. A rural backdrop and a dark cityscape where reality and fantasy refuse to comply ... instead we get restlessness, fallibility and yearning.

    With artwork by Lucy J Wilkinson  

    42 pages printed on recycled paper
    12cm x 20cm x 5mm
    includes 21 colour plates
    artwork and photography by Lucy J Wilkinson
    designed and hand bound by Lucy J Wilkinson

    15% of the price of this book will be donated to the mental health charity, CALM.

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