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Book Specifications:

27 pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 3 mm

Print run of 100.




Design and Production: Lucy Wilkinson

Artwork: Georgina Hill and Tobias Koenig

Printed and handbound at the press

Slipcase printed on Risograph with thanks to Trident Press at Partisan, MCR.

LifeBody, Georgina Hill and Tobias Koenig

  • LifeBody is a series of texts written in the method of the Exquisite Cadaver. The authors rewrite several dialogues of different literary genres, such as artist interview, news report, and philosophical treatise. Each composes their rendition of the lines without verbal collaboration, building a new assemblage in sequence. The work was created by a lake in Berlin, in a bar, over text message across the Channel, and by email.

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