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Publication release date: 22nd July, 2024


Book Specification:

36 pages printed on recycled paper

Paperback handsewn limited edition

13cm x 20.5cm x 0.3cm

Print run of 100

Book design by Karolina Federowicz

Book cover artwork by Nora Hreb

Book production by Lucy Wilkinson

Lips Blue, Drying Up, Marina Scott

  • Lips Blue, Drying Up explores what it is to live in an uncomfortably gendered body in the context of a socio-political landscape that feels increasingly violent and hostile across all axes. These poems were written over the course of five years and in the midst of abusive relationships, political despair, and ecological grief. They hold onto hope through hurt and imagine a possible world that is better.



    Like the eel burrowed hot, this collection finds its way in, nestles under nail-beds whilst reading; under skin taught over gulping lungs; around the cochlea of ears - listening for heartbeat, seas’ pulse, sighs between sleeping and crying. This eel - these words - sears, arresting. Navigating the stickiness of lusting to cold plunge of grief, these poems shift and score, gradual fissures in earth and heart. Vignettes of reconciliation and recklessness, sky-scrawls of a quiet hope. The pain of telling someone you want to fold inside them as though an origami portal. I am taken inside/away/towards something raw and ruinous here; perhaps, towards what it is to feel loving. - - Lu Rose Cunningham

  • Marina Scott will be reading from their new collection on the 6th August 2024 at 7pm at the Peckham Pelican, 92 Peckham Road, London, SE15 5PY. The event is free. There is wheelchair access, gender neutral bathroom facilities and drinks/food will be available to purchase.



    Line up of poets: 
    - Anisha Jackson
    - Claire Sosienski-Smith
    - Emmett Meta
    - Lu Rose Cunningham
    - Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay
    - Jack Emsden 
    - O. S. Warren
    - Sofia Lyall
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