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Book Specifications:

54 pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 4 mm

ISBN: 978-0-9957480-8-8

Limited edition of 50 only.




Design and Production by Lucy Wilkinson

Front cover and inside artwork by Emilia Wharfe

Front cover printed on Risograph by Sunday Service at Good Press (Glasgow)

Printed and handbound at the press

Alex Marsh, Ten Red Mornings / Late Hydro Taunt

  • Ten Red Mornings is a sequence written across two weeks in winter 2019, the poems lean into the boredoms, chatter and solidarities of life under a red sky. 
Late Hydro Taunt is its shadow sequence, its negative, written around the same time but how it looks through submersions, somewhere in the deep blue. 
Artwork by Emilia Wharfe. 


    Alex Marsh is a poet and editor living in London, he's had work published in Datableed, Paratext and Erotoplasty and previous books include Silo Bliss (SPAM Press). He also co-runs OUT ELSE and co-edits LUDD GANG a bi-monthly magazine set up to support the Poet's Hardship Fund -  (

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