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The death of workers & Souvenir Unusable Coffee Break Mug.


Have you always wanted to purchase something you cannot use? If the answer is yes, this mug is perfect for you. 

Just look at the list of the things you absolutely won’t be able to use it for:


  • drinking tea
  • drinking coffee
  • drinking any liquids whatsoever



Will it look good on your shelf and take up the mug space you probably don’t have? Yes and yes!



Political statements and joking aside for a moment, the mug was beautifully hand crafted by an artist from Manchester, Joseph Manning (Souvenir). Each unusable mug is individually hand made making each one different. The profits for this artwork will be going to a local foodbank charity in Glasgow and Manchester. It's also meaningful to have something with beauty and humour to commemorate the third year the press has been working hard to publish artworks and books.

The death of workers and Souvenir Unusable Coffee Break Mug

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