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Book Specifications:
1 page + 1 Loose artwork/photograph
194 mm x 152 mm

Format: Broadside inside cover

Publication Date: May, 2022
Limited Edition of 20

Design and production by Lucy Wilkinson
Printed and handbound at the press

The Sandstainers (Broadside), Lucy Wilkinson

  • A broadside of the poem 'The Sandstainers', which appeared for the first time in Periodicals 1 (2022). Folded and sewn into a cover with artwork/photography.

    An extract:

    "Handing across the fence of where the craters fed
               Where it blawn
               nothing sawn because the automatic doors wayed out
    And already wayed in — —

       The stormed sand in the nadir
                   filled my mouth with sand is only a word

    sand-stormed as the sandstainers span through
    this sand that once was people — once —"

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