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Publication Release: April 2021


Book Specifications:

24 Pages

210 mm x 130 mm

Perfect Bound

Print run of 50



Design: Karolina Fedorowicz and Lucy Wilkinson

Editors and contribution: Lucy Wilkinson and Karolina Fedorowicz

Printed and handsewn at the press.

River Ellen MacAskill, Virility At Home

  • In River’s own words: Virility at Home is a long stream-of-consciousness poem about the texture of a day in a hot locked-down spring, feeling out the dysphoric, tragic and miraculous limitations of a body, getting grounded in a world beyond humans, and struggling for personal and collective alternatives to a societal hellscape.

  • Coasting by River Ellen MacAskill. A self-published novel available to purchase here and at Good Press. "A Lesbian Road Trip Novel: Cat is a Scottish uni dropout living in Vancouver. On a trip to the islands, she meets a community of off-grid anarchists, including Dorothy, a boat punk who invites her sailing. The wind carries news from the mainland that a mysterious alien object that has landed in the US, causing an apocalyptic stir. When disaster strikes, the new friends set out on a cross-country drive to reunite with an estranged sister and an ex-girlfriend, befriending stray queers and revisiting past heartaches along the way."


    Review of Virility At Home by Marina Scott


    River Ellen MacAskill's website


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