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Book Specifications:

110 pages printed on recycled paper

12 cm x 20 cm x 8 mm

Section Sewn

Paperback (Standard Edition) (Release date: 14th July, 2020)

Hardback (Limited Edition) (Release date: 1st December, 2020)

ISBN: 978-0-9957480-6-4




Design: Lucy Wilkinson

Editor: Lucy Wilkinson

Artwork: Al Razutis

Sewn and handbound at the press

"YES" "YOU" "CAN" / Al Razutis [PAPERBACK]

  • Born into a ’post-war dystopia’ called ‘post-war Germany of displaced people living in Displaced Person camps’, Al Razutis tells us a story: ‘What culture there had been was destroyed in the rubble’ and the post-war generation would rise and proclaim a new activism.


    This collection of writing, "Yes" "You" "Can" was shaped by his avant-gardism and what William Wees called 'agonism', and it reveals how such activity and world-view becomes an art, a social force of protest, and a legacy for next generations.


    Al Razutis is an avant-garde filmmaker who has continued his work for fifty years; he is a pioneer in holographic arts and now a critic, archivist and historian for this medium; he is a video artist who took his interactive bio-feedback 'video art' devices on to the broadcast tv stage, and one of the early adopters of motion-picture art in web virtual reality. It is fitting that his films are also in stereoscopic 3D and that he is working on new titles as well as holography.


    This selection of writings reflect the broad range of his interests and abilities, written over decades of his migrations in media and reflecting his restless soul which can never be contained by any academic or single artistic discipline. He joins a host of other revolutionary art authors who commented, created, delivered manifestos of the soul.


    These works are dedicated to the next generations that somehow will survive the present ones.

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