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eyes tasting

ridged shadow

cast by vegetable

flesh means the


did their dance

again somehow

and all this cut

and torn joy

was once something

alive or not

living but now

never inert i swear

they crawl and

slither their

way through the

timed motion to

give room for neural

overlap mmmmm

that's brainyum

and the vertical

horizon lashing

land to not so

the whole thing

stays afloat

drifting along

and around each

new tendrilled

slip and it

ought to be said

the glue's all

there too - alive

in its behindness

like so much else

around us now

and always all ways



strained reflection 

in the clouds' rippling 

up isn't always 

where you left it 

i wonder how we  

city how we hold 

together transparent 

means both and then 

some if you found it 

use it if you smell it 

trust that how many  

times can a fleck be 

a signal and also just 

enough the glint of 

light caught in a sharp 

place again with your 

invitation how to  

honor that open honor 

that open honor that 

open honor that open 

an occult color in the  

field of the spark 

i want water on fire 

but not the hot way 

i see sideways with 

your eyes alongside 

mine a scopic type of 

movement when the page 

swivels across guttered 

spine ditch a tree and  

a cloud and a dust-born 

layering of ripe air 

i'll say it again i want 

the juice whether it's 

new or faded we can  

share that all of that 

we can and you do so 

i want yes i dream it 



stippled petal 

calced post- 

calyx sepals long 

since thrust through 

now its heat 

from outer space 

and that warms  

stone but if 

you stop 

to touch a 

bug before it 

touches you 

the arms 

will wilt 

the tongue 

fill up or 

back of head go 

lost to after- 

image what 

i found 

when looking 


to be 


might yes 

be seen 

so well 


smile don't 





or all 

i've dreamt 

of might 

be furious 


art a 




these three snippets are from SAMPLER + RE-SAMPLER,

a collaboration in ecstatic ekphrasis celebrating image, memory, and deep friendship.

collage sampler by maryhope|whitehead|lee.
text and audio re-samplers by ryan greene.

more glimmers from SAMPLER + RE-SAMPLER available here, here, here, here, & here.

more of maryhope’s collages here.
more work by ryan here.

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