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Book Specifications:

98 Pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 6 mm


Perfect Bound

Print run of 100

Publication Date: 15.05.23

ISBN: 978-1-7399499-3-8




Design: Lucy Wilkinson

Printed and bound at Dean Print, Stockport, UK

Editors and contributors: Karolina Fedorowicz, Lucy Wilkinson and Tom Wenck

My True Stories: Poets and Odd Fellows, Brenda Frazer

  • In Poets and Odd Fellows, Brenda Frazer recounts her own experiences of New York City and Hoboken from 1959 to 1960. Her aim was to resolve her feelings of deep love and disappointment for her then-husband, poet Ray Bremser. Brenda explains, "I was a 'fool for love' as Ray Charles sang it. Young love and the injustice we suffered under the law in New Jersey.”


    Brenda Frazer recounts the start of her relationship with Ray Bremser including the pregnancy of her first daughter, Rachel, whilst Ray was serving a prison sentence in New Jersey. Poets and Odd Fellows is a prequel to the previously published Troia: Mexican Memoirs. The first in the sequence of My True Stories, this book is from a female perspective of the Beat Generation, in which we find hunger, poverty and injustice.


    Including an introduction by Lucy Wilkinson, the editor and publisher.

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