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Book Specifications:

197 Pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 9 mm

Perfect Bound

Print run of 100

Publication Date: 15.05.23

ISBN: 978-1-7399499-7-6




Design: Lucy Wilkinson

Editors and contribution: Lucy Wilkinson, Gordon Ball and Joshua Jones

Printed and bound at Dean Print, Stockport, UK

My True Stories: Cherry Valley Ballads and Stories, Brenda Frazer

  • From the My True Stories collection:

    Inside her 1999 journal entry, Brenda Frazer describes: “I had written regularly for several years, journaling and working on a manuscript about my time with poet husband Ray Bremser. I pushed myself to work and yet the more I forced the writing the less satisfaction I took in it. In fact, I came to the writing with a sinking feeling that I had wasted my time.” The final book in the collection My True Stories, Cherry Valley Ballads and Stories recounts the years from 1970-83, written in 2010-15. It is the last mention of her husband Ray, entering a new love which she embraces through a forbidden domestic situation. Through her analysis of her environment, her relationships, and self-discovery, the book recounts the most active development of character: Hers, of course. In Brenda’s own words, “trying but not really succeeding in being a strong woman.”

    Including an introduction by Gordon Ball

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