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Book Specifications:

105 Pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 7 mm

Perfect Bound

Print run of 100

Publication Date: 15.05.23

ISBN: 978-1-7399499-6-9




Design: Lucy Wilkinson

Front cover artwork: Beth Wilkinson

Editors and contributors: Lucy Wilkinson, Heike Mlakar and Timothy Coster

Printed and bound at Dean Print, Stockport, UK

My True Stories: Artista, Brenda Frazer

  • As part of the My True Stories collection, Brenda Frazer recounts the true story of a woman on the road (1967-1970), beginning her journey from the Beat poetry scene of New York City to Guatemala. Fleeing the drug-infused New York City Beat scene, Frazer arrives in Guatemala with her husband Ray Bremser and their daughter, Georgia. Artista was originally a large manuscript that combined Drug City. Frazer accompanies the reader from New York City’s flourishing Beat poetry scene to Mexican flashbacks. Artista is a significant contribution to the female experience during the time of cultural and social transformations of the 1960s.


    Including an introduction by Heike Mlakar

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