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Book Specifications:

92 Pages

210 mm x 130 mm x 6 mm

Perfect Bound

Print run of 100

Publication Date: 15.05.23

ISBN: 978-1-7399499-4-5




Design: Lucy Wilkinson

Front cover illustration: Evans Kati and Lucy Wilkinson

Printed and bound at Dean Print, Stockport, UK

Editors and contributors: Jerome Poynton and Timothy Coster

My True Stories: Drug City, Brenda Frazer

  • Brenda Frazer wrote Troia: Mexican Memoirs in 1963, recounting her experience living in Mexico from 1961-62 with her husband (Ray Bremser) and their daughter Rachel. It was published in 1966 with Croton Press, under her married name of Bonnie Bremser. It was then republished by Dalkey Archives Press in the 1990s. The day-to-day writing of the manuscript is described in Drug City. Both books are an attempt at self-analysis, expressing the inner conflicts that come with feeling you are owned by a justice system that was only in place to incriminate. In Drug City, Brenda and Ray have returned from Mexico, their child Rachel has been placed into the adoption system. Rife in drug addiction and drug sickness, they live in various places around New York City until Ray gets arrested. Whilst Ray serves his five-year prison sentence, they have very little communication, and Brenda writes one page letters to him, which became the manuscript for Troia.


    Including an introduction by Jerome Poynton.

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