Currently SUBMISSIONS are open for poetry written by poets and writers from the ages of 3 - 11 (Something you wrote whilst you were in primary school maybe, for example). Submission can be formatted in any way you like, either as a scan of the original or copied onto a word document. Submissions will be included in our first issue of "PERIODICALS". Date of release yet to be determined. Please send to:
(Please include a short bio which will be used in the back of the magazine in the contributors section).
Deadline: 1st August 2021 at midnight.


events / news / things that are going to happen...

Summer break: 26th of July until the 9th August

10/09/21 : THE BIG "BAD" SYNDRONE" (physical book re-release and also e-book release of BLUES NOT WORTH BAD SKIN by Lucy Wilkinson. Online launch, reading accompanied by composed music (by Evans Kati) and film. Trailer, sneak preview and information about how to book/attend will follow soon. There will only be 50 tickets available as I am terrified about performing to more than that).

18 - 20/08/21 : Release of THE BUTTERFLY DREAM by Rachel Adeline Holmes
Exhibition and Book Launch at Hundred Years Gallery:
Wednesday 18th August, 17:30: exhibition opening (online preview from 16:00 BST)
Thursday 19th August, 12:00-18:00: exhibition
Friday 20th August:
12:00-19:00: exhibition
17:00: book launch
17:30: film screening "Son of the Root"
18:00: reading and performance
More info coming soon.




Inspired by the central motif of an amnesiac dancer who discovers she is a doll, and Elijah the toymaker who chokes on his laughter and ascends to heaven, Rachel's stories and artworks explore the metamorphic dream space of forgetting, remembering and becoming. Accompanied by Rachel's skilled artwork.

Rachel Holmes will also be hosting an exhibition and event on the 20/08/2021 at Hundred Years Gallery in East London. More info here.

The book trailer is an animation crafted by Rachel herself, enjoy!


15/07/2021: RE-RELEASE OF BARRY WILSON'S LEPUS. More info here

Lepus,.. A poetry sequence that asks what it is to exist, via a journey of ongoing self-realisation and self-implosion. A rural backdrop and a dark cityscape where reality and fantasy refuse to comply ... instead we get restlessness, fallibility and yearning.

Artwork by Lucy Wilkinson

GREAT WORKS / Oscar Mardell. More info here

Great Works consists of thirteen poems, each about a different freezing works in Aotearoa New Zealand. Satirising the colonial-pastoral mythologies through which the local landscape has often been interpreted, the collection gives due attention to an industry which, in spite of its centrality to the nation's economic history, has remained conspicuously absent from its art and literature. Here, as in Batailles, 'the slaughterhouse is linked to religion': Great Works offers a darkly-comic view of sacrifice and slaughter in 'God's Own Country'.